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paraiso ATM

Paraiso for ever la isla

as i sit here watching las nubes-

Paraiso lokura de birra

as i dance pegao' con la rubia-

Paraiso sounds of the waves

as i rock the boat people to sleep-

Paraiso road to the sky

as i drive up the road to costanza-

Paraiso heat while it rains

as i smell the road and the dirt rise up in the air-

Paraiso insane money exchange

as i look for the closest ATM-

Paraiso artists feeling trapt in the caribbean cliche

as i run as fast as i can from my ass-

Paraiso sex on the beach

as i lay naked on the sand con la beba by my side-

Paraiso at night baila en la calle

as i sing along with my friends :

"tiburon.......que buscas en la orilla......"

Paraiso bachata pegada welcome to DR-
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